Our goal at BankMD is to faithfully serve our clients’ needs from the time they graduate from medical school, to buying their first home, to starting their own business, and to retirement. In late 2019 we proudly partnered with TransPecos Banks, SSB, a 100+ year old Texas based Bank. This partnership allowed us to deliver our vision of providing unique benefits and opportunities to BankMD’s loyal clients while maintaining the principles that have been the backbone of the founders since we began our journey creating solutions for physicians and their business in 1998.

Today, BankMD offers its clients mortgages, personal lines of credit, personal mobile banking, start-up practice loans, acquisition loans, equipment finance, debt consolidation, and access to a broad range of benefits with third part partners including insurance services and practice management expertise.

Our absolute commitment to keeping our clients at the center of everything that we do keeps us focused on satisfaction, integrity, and transparency. By keeping our client as the center of gravity, we develop products and services that change with the needs of our client. We stay flexible and update our service offerings to meet the needs of our clients as their needs change. In many cases, our clients help develop our products by sharing feedback and allowing us to understand how our services impact their lives on a daily basis. We are constantly enhancing our technology and risk management capabilities to ensure that you have the most state-of-the-art tools available at our fingertips in order to create streamlined processes to enhance our customer’s experience. We have developed our own technology and partnered with many of the industry’s best solution providers to make sure you have a choice in finding tools that will help you meet your goals. Our commitment is to work extraordinarily hard to maintain an open dialogue with our clients to ensure that we continue to deliver products and services that you value. Our three pillars of business are “Specialized, Simple and Reliable”. Specialized for your needs, simple for your benefit and reliable for your trust. 

As part of our commitment to our clients, we have decided to launch the “BankMD” digital publication. In keeping our clients at the center of everything we do, we will highlight our clients in an expression of sincere appreciation for the trust that they have placed in us. At BankMD, we are simply nothing without our physician clients and we truly want to thank you all for entrusting your business to us and for considering our services in the future.


Moses D. Luevano
Founder & President