Most people don't love the experience of being in a dental office, so if I can do anything to alleviate that, I do.

- Dr. Todd Vincent

Dr. Todd Vincent, DDS, has always known that a desk job wasn’t for him as he has consistently been a hands-on and creative person with a passion for helping people. This passion led him to Utah State University for his undergraduate degree, then to the University of Utah to receive a Doctorate in Dental Surgery and finish his doctorate at Creighton University.

After his experience in corporate dentistry, Dr. Vincent realized that he wanted to create a better patient environment, so with the help of BankMD, he opened Salt Flats Dentistry. “I wanted, for a long time, to transition from [corporate dentistry] to private practice, which is where I’m at now. Giving patients a more personalized experience, but with the conveniences that you have in a more robust system of a corporate entity,” Dr. Vincent explains.

“Most people don’t love the experience of being in a dental office, so if I can do anything to alleviate that, I do, and having a strong team behind me makes a big part of that easier and simpler.” Dr. Vincent said.

Comprehensive care is essential to Salt Flats Dentistry to guarantee happy patients that can avoid future problems. This is possible because of the staff and the technologies available at Salt Flats Dentistry. These technologies, such as 3-D X-Rays and CEREC digital scanners, make appointments quick and easy. “If you need something like a crown, we prepare the tooth, and instead of taking a goopy impression, we take our 3-D scanner and can digitally design your tooth.

Within an hour and a half, you can walk out of my office and have your permanent crown. I can give [patients] a better product by designing it with them watching.”, said Dr. Vincent. Dr. Vincent also began working with BankMD after speaking to an old dental classmate who had worked with BankMD. “I’ve been in contact with other financial institutions and what services they offered, but with BankMD, I felt like they still understood me specifically, and they understood all the nuances of being a physician.” Dr. Vincent stated. With the help and dedication of BankMD, Dr. Vincent opened Salt Flats Dentistry.