“Over the years I always had something I wanted to do my own way. I wanted to improve on the business aspect of how health care should be done to accomplish the most optimal care and outcome for the patient.”

- Dr. Violetta Lozovyy

After years in her field, board-certified OB-GYN and Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist, Dr. Violetta Lozovyy, wanted something different, she wanted something more. The only way to do it was to strike out on her own. To set her own standard of care and ensure that standard never dropped.

How would she do it though? How would she take her vision and make it a reality? It would take hard work, dedication, and perseverance on her journey.

In the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex there are just under seven and a half million people. Among that number are expectant mothers, who represent roughly five percent of the population at any given time.

In the DFW metroplex, that means there are likely three hundred and sixty thousand expectant mothers. The idea to provide a unique type of care to these expectant mothers was a new one, a bold one, and necessary in a way many didn’t quite understand yet, but they would. 

Being an expectant mother is not easy. Dr. Lozovyy reminds us that any pregnancy can become a high-risk pregnancy and any high-risk can become extremely unstable requiring a certain level of management.” Following many years of experience, Dr. Lozovyy identified the need to remove some of the stress on expectant mothers to allow for healthier pregnancies. The goal was to make the patients feel as comfortable as possible and create an office environment that did not make their condition feel so heavy. Dr. Lozovyy had the knowledge, she had the facts and now all she needed was a partner to take a chance on her idea of ideal care.

One Saturday, after finishing a shift in labor and delivery, tired, exhausted, and having been turned down by ten different lenders regarding her entrepreneurial ideas, Dr. Lozovyy got a call that would change her life and the life of thousands of future patients. On the phone was a representative from BankMD. The phone call turned into several more calls and before she knew it, Dr. Lozovyy was working to make her vision a reality. 

That vision included a bold statement, a pledge to her patients to take ownership of every aspect of their health from start to finish. To fulfill that pledge, Dr. Lozovyy incorporated current amenities into her practice that include a hospitality and wellness center. There is a spa where patients can relax and get manicures or pedicures in lavish massage chairs to help ease their anxiety and take the stress away. The next iteration of the complete care ideology of Dr. Lozovyy is a spin class that will take place at the offices as well. Imagine that. Patients can come a little early for their appointment, do their spin class, see the doctor and have a relaxing mini-spa day without leaving the practice. 

When you come to High-Risk Pregnancy Doctors in the DFW area, you’re entrusting your care to specialists who are proactive and considering the full scope of your needs. A practice that has been purposefully engineered in every aspect and is dedicated to providing exceptional care to patients at every stage of their pregnancy.